My Hero Academia Takes Mirio Back to His Roots With Latest Ambush

Warning! Spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 366 to follow! My Hero Academia has reached and intense new phase of the final war between the heroes and villains, and the newest chapter of the series has taken Mirio Togata all the way back to his roots with his latest surprise attack on Tomura Shigaraki! Mirio was originally introduced to the series as a potential successor to All Might's power, but following the loss of his power, he really took a backseat from the events until rejoining the main battle during the climax of the war with the Paranormal Liberation Front. 

Mirio and the other two members of the Big Three are now at the center of the fight against Shigaraki, but the villain himself has grown so much stronger than any of them could have expected. Mirio has been struggling against the villain as Shigaraki has been pressuring them at every moment, but the newest chapter gives him his biggest test yet as he needed to stall Shigaraki for much longer than he can handle. His solution? Going back to his jokester roots and mooning Shigaraki to make his laugh. 

Chapter 366 of My Hero Academia sees Mirio begin to lose all hope against Shigaraki as several of the heroes had taken severe injuries against the villain. As he scrambles for a way to fight back, he's tasked with stalling Shigaraki for two more seconds. This fight makes that seem like an eternity and thus he begins to panic and is nearly taken out of the equation by Shigaraki. The villain grows to his more monstrous form yet, and thus Mirio loses all hope of surviving. Thinking back to Sir Nighteye, he's inspired once more. 

When trying to think of what he could possibly do to stall Shigaraki for that time without any real power that could hit him, thinking back to Sir Nighteye made him remember that his real weapon is humor. Using his quirk to phase his butt through the ground, he makes a "Full moon rising" pun and legitimately makes Shigaraki laugh. The villain is so taken aback by the ridiculousness of the situation that it bought even time for Izuku Midoriya to make it onto the scene and into the fight

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