One Piece Reveals the Meaning Behind Haki's New Name

One Piece gave Luffy a rude awakening during his first fight with Kaido, so now his current goal is to train in a new type of Color of Arms Haki. But as he learned during the Sumo Inferno, Haki is known by a different name in Wano and Hyogoro explained the meaning behind this different nomenclature in the newest episode of the series. As Luffy and Hyogoro continued to struggle in the Sumo Inferno, Hyogoro had been surprised by the fact that Luffy was trying to use these fights to strengthen a certain use of Haki.

After showing Luffy that he could use this Color of Arms Haki in the previous episode and agreeing to teach Luffy some tips and tricks to how he does it, Hyogoro reveals the meaning behind "Ryuo," as it was previously revealed in the title of the last episode. As it turns out, it means "flow" and this meaning is the key to Luffy figuring out how to master this new use of Color of Arms that he first witnessed with Rayleigh.

Hyogoro reveals that in Wano they refer to Haki as "Ryuo," and in the previous episode he explained that in Wano the samurai use Ryuo to strengthen their swords by flowing that energy through their body and into their blade. It's the same with Luffy as Hyogoro explains that Luffy too has Haki that flows through his body, and we see some example of this as Luffy's Haki begins to take on a different shape and color than we have seen him use in the past.

One Piece Haki Ryuo Meaning Explained
(Photo: Toei Animation)

The meaning behind Ryou will be key to Luffy mastering this new use as he has to figure out how to get it naturally flowing throughout his body. As we have seen with his Boundman forms and the like, Luffy tends to force Haki into parts of his body and changes it however he wishes. But it's going to be different with this attack as it's clear that force is not the answer as he's supposed to damage his enemies without really making too much contact.


Are you excited to see Luffy on the path to a new kind of Haki mastery? Wondering what kind of tricks Hyogoro will teach him from now on? How do you think this new Ryou will be shown in the anime? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!