The Seven Deadly Sins: Imperial Wrath of the Gods Is Now on Netflix

The Seven Deadly Sins: Imperial Wrath of the Gods is now streaming on Netflix! Wrath of the Gods is 24 episodes long and is offered in both the subtitled and English Dub versions. Needless to say, fans of Seven Deadly Sins anime are now freaking out that the show is back - though a few fans seemed to be caught off guard that the series is back. As with anime, there's also debate already sparking over the quality of season 4's animation - though the story's latest turns seem to be keeping fans happy for the most part. You can check it out on Netflix HERE.

Seven Deadly Sins: Imperial Wrath of the Gods (or "Wrath of the Gods" as it used to be) has already sparked controversy with fans overseas, who criticized it as being both slow-paced and shoddy in terms of animation quality. As stated, the reactions from Seven Deadly Sins fans on Netflix certainly seem to echo some of those same critiques. So, while the show is now back to offer US fans new content, they may not necessarily walk away happy with what they get. Again.

Seven Deadly Sins Wrath of Gods on Netflix

Meanwhile, the upcoming Seven Deadly Sins: Anger's Judgement has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and its drag on the anime's production. Anger's Judgement will now arrive in early 2021, over in Japan. The manga has now concluded, so for fans this is about the only content from the series that they'll have for a bit. There is hope on the horizon, though: a Seven Deadly Sins sequel, The Four Knights of the Apocalypse is in the works, which will follow Tristan, son of Meliodas and Eliazabeth, who serves as one of the titular knights.

Here's the synopsis for The Seven Deadly Sins (via ANN), if you're thinking of checking the series out on Netflix:

"In a world where humans and non-humans have not yet been separated, the kingdom of Leones is protected by the Holy Knights, powerful magic users both revered and feared by the people. Supposedly the strongest, most fearsome of these knights, the Seven Deadly Sins, betrayed the kingdom and made enemies of all the other knights. Queen Elizabeth doesn't believe this story, and sets out to find the Sins - but when she meets the first Sin at a tavern, his name is Melodias, and he's nothing but a boy in charge of the pigs."