Tuca & Bertie Releases First Synopsis for Season 2

Tuca & Bertie has released its first synopsis for Season 2! Originally making its debut with Netflix before being cancelling following the first season's release, Tuca & Bertie was surprisingly picked up for a second season with a new network, Adult Swim. The cancellation on the Netflix streaming service came as a surprise to fans considering the first season was a huge hit, but now the Lisa Hanawalt created animated series will have a new chance at life with the second season. Confirmed to be coming to Adult Swim this June, now fans have a better idea of what to expect from the new season.

Along with the confirmation that Tuca & Bertie will be coming to Adult Swim with Season 2 on June 13th, Adult Swim has released the first synopsis for the new season. The titular duo will be coming against all sorts of new challenges (blended together with the series' wacky visuals and world), so fans might want to catch up before next month.

Adult Swim officially begins describing Tuca & Bertie's second season as such, "Tuca (Tiffany Haddish) and Bertie (Ali Wong) are best friends, and they're both full of ghosts! Bertie is busy excavating her inner ghouls with the help of a therapist, while Tuca prefers to stuff hers behind the toilet. She'll deal with them later, right now she's just too busy trying not to be single anymore!"

The synopsis for Season 2 then continues with an update on what Speckle will be up to in the new episodes, "Meanwhile, Speckle (Steven Yeun) is building a new house but soon finds he's driven to the brink of insanity...good thing he's just a cartoon. Geese are demonized! Seagulls are romanticized! These episodes are full relatable moments and hilarity. Just be warned, you'll never look at plants the same way again!"

Adult Swim has not revealed how many episodes Tuca & Bertie's new season will be sticking around for, but this synopsis teases that interested new fans might want to check out that first season before June 13th. If you wanted to do just that, the first season of the animated series is still streaming with Netflix.


Are you excited to see Tuca & Bertie join the Adult Swim line up? Will you be tuning into the new season this June? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!