When Is Apex Legends Adding Crossplay? Leaker Provides New Update

When is Apex Legends on PS4, Xbox One, and PC adding crossplay? Previously, the rumors were that Respawn Entertainment and EA were adding it today. However, obviously that didn't happen. The day is almost over and not only did the feature not drop, but there's been no word of it even. That said, taking to Twitter, a prominent dataminer and leaker has offered up fans a bit of hope that it will be added soon.

Over on the social media website, Apex Legends dataminer Shrugtal warned players early this morning that not only should they not expect crossplay today, but that they shouldn't expect to hear about Aftermarket or Nintendo Switch. Rather, all of this is looking like it will happen in October.

Unfortunately, this is all Shrugtal divulges. As a result, it's not clear why the dataminer expects all of this to happen in October, but there's presumably a good reason.

Of course, take everything here with a grain of salt. Nothing here is official, and even if it's accurate, it's also subject to change. Let's not forget that there were once rumors and speculation suggesting the feature would be added today, and well look how that turned out.

At the moment of publishing, neither EA nor Respawn have commented on this latest report, and it's unlikely this will change as both typically don't comment on reports or rumors or leaks or anything of the unofficial and speculative variety.


Apex Legends is available, for free, via the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Meanwhile, it's also in development and slated to come to PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch sometime later this year.

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