Apex Legends Players Spot UFO Ahead of Possible Alien Invasion

Apex Legends is seemingly teasing its big Season 7 event, which looks like it may include UFOs and aliens. Next month, Apex Legends will come to PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, and Season 7 will release. And ahead of the new season, Respawn Entertainment and EA have begun to tease players on what they can expect. And it looks like they are teasing some type of alien or alien-like invasion.

More specifically, players have spotted a strange airship hovering in the sky of both King's Canyon and World's Edge. It's unclear what the ship is or why it's there, but many are referring to its as a UFO and many think it could be pointing to an invasion of sorts. Meanwhile, others -- seemingly more realistic -- have suggested it could involve the game's upcoming character, Horizon, as the ship boasts the same color scheme as the Season 7 hero.

Unfortunately, at the moment this is all we have: speculation. That said, we should have more information and more teasers soon. Season 7 is right around the corner, and typically Respawn likes to issue multiple teasers before it reveals everything players need to know about a season. In the meantime, below you can check out the strange new airship, courtesy of Apex Legends dataminer and content creator Shrugtal:

As for Respawn Entertainment and EA, they haven't commented on any of this speculation and that's not going to change. These are deliberate teasers, and thus they are designed to create speculation. In other words, don't expect more clarity until either the next teaser drops or the pair properly reveal Season 7.

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