Dave Bautista Breaks Silence on Gears of War Netflix Movie Role

Dave Bautista is campaigning to be in Netflix's upcoming Gears of War film. Dave Bautista is one of the few incredibly successful professional wrestlers who jumped out of the ring and into Hollywood via some of the biggest film franchises out there. Bautista made a household name for himself in his MCU debut, Guardians of the Galaxy. He then went on to secure incredibly lucrative roles in other franchises such as James Bond and even played a small, but important role in Blade Runner 2049. However, there is one role that Bautista has been fancast in for a while and even he has aspirations for it

Fans have been wanting to see Dave Bautista in long-gestating Gears of War film for years and now, he's actively campaigning for it. Bautista took to Twitter to demand the role of Marcus Fenix from Netflix. The streamer recently announced that it would be working with Microsoft to adapt the Gears of War franchise via a film and an animated series. Bautista used a video from an old Gears 5 ad, as he was added to the game as a playable character, seemingly due to his love for the video game series. So, the video wasn't specifically made for this campaign nor does it mean he has or is necessarily teasing any active involvement in the film. Nevertheless, he already has a bit of experience with the franchise, has an in with both Microsoft and Netflix now that he's starring in the upcoming Knives Out sequel, and is a huge star.

Whether it will actually amount to anything remains to be seen, but Dave Bautista has already put in a lot of effort to be in a Gears of War movie. Even the series' creator, Cliff Bleszinski, wants to see Bautista in the role. Ironically, Dave Bautista has also expressed playing Kratos in a live action adaptation of PlayStation's God of War series. Either way, it seems like the odds are in his favor to play a beloved video game character.

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