Fortnite: How to Watch the Party Royale Concert Event

Fortnite is keeping the Party Royale festivities going on Friday by kicking off the weekend with [...]

Fortnite is keeping the Party Royale festivities going on Friday by kicking off the weekend with another concert event featuring Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki, and deadmau5. The three acclaimed artists will be performing back-to-back shows in Fortnite similar to the other concert events we've seen before, and everyone is invited to attend the show. All you have to do is make sure you're in Fortnite at the right time and in the right playlist and you'll see next concert. You can always catch it later during an encore showing if you miss the first one, but you won't be among those who see it first if that's the case.

If you've been keeping up with the past few Fortnite concerts, you'll already have an idea of what to expect. Lights, dramatic effects, and loud music will be found throughout the concert Friday night, but you won't have to worry about anyone else messing up your experience since the Party Royale mode doesn't have materials or combat.

To make sure you don't miss a second of the concert, read on to see everything you need to know about the next Party Royale event.

Who's Going to Be There?

Aside from the waves of players in the crowd watching the event, you can expect to see artists Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki, and deadmau5 performing at the concert. Sometimes these concerts are much more concert-like overall and feature a stage to present from while other times they're more cinematic.

No guest appearances besides these three have been announced, so expect to see only them, for now.

What Time Does the Concert Start?

The concert starts promptly at 9 p.m. ET barring any problems that delay it. If you can't make it there right when the show begins, you can still hop in after it's started to see the rest of the event.

Where Do You Go to See the Concert?

To get into the show, simply hop into the Party Royale playlist at the time mentioned above – preferably before to make sure you're in a good spot. The show takes place at the Main Stage, though you won't really have to look for the event to find it.

What If You Miss the Show?

If you miss the show, you can always catch it on YouTube, Twitch, or any other video-hosting platform when people upload their perspectives of it. If you want to see it yourself, you can still catch it on May 9th at 2 p.m. ET in the same location as the first time.

What Should You Wear?

You can wear whatever Fortnite outfit you think best fits the occasion when you attend the event, but if you want to really look the part, log into Fortnite today starting at 6 p.m. ET to get the Neon Wing Back Bling. Lots of people will be wearing that to the concert, so make sure you get it so you're not left out.

You can also pick up the Nightlife skin like the one shown in the tweet above, but that one requires spending V-Bucks in the Item Shop.