Rockstar Games Insider Comments on Big New GTA 6 Rumor

A prominent Rockstar Games insider has commented on and debunked the latest big GTA 6 rumor. In a recent music video from The Weeknd, the words "GTA 6 trailer" appear on the screen at one point. At first, this went under the radar, but recently it began to make the rounds as a possible tease or hint that a trailer is dropping soon. Of course, on the surface level, this is a pretty absurd logical jump, if not purely for the fact of why the heck would The Weeknd have inside knowledge about the game, but also why would they flaunt that in an unrelated music video? That said, it should come as no surprise that further inspection has debunked all of this speculation.

Taking to Twitter, Rockstar Games insider Yan2295 pointed out that the music video is full of comments from viewers that watched the video live on TikTok. In other words, someone commented "GTA 6 trailer," and thus it showed up in the music video. That's it.

"Before people go too crazy over this… Yes it does say 'GTA 6 trailer' at 0:56 in this video from
The Weeknd, but this, just like all the other messages in the video, are comments from viewers who watched the 'show; live on TikTok," said Yann2295."

At the moment of publishing, no party implicated -- Rockstar Games or The Weeknd -- have commented on any of this, but as you can see, there's no need for them to say anything.

While this GTA 6 "leak" has been debunked, there's still been plenty of rumors, reports, and leaks about the unannounced game over the past few weeks that haven't been. You can check out all of these and more by clicking right here or via the links below: