Halo Season 2 Includes a Surprising Return

Paramount+ recently announced that Halo Season 2 had started production and confirmed both the new and returning cast members for the upcoming season. While new series regulars for the upcoming season include Joseph Morgan (Vampires Diaries) as James Ackerson and Cristina Rodlo (No One Gets Out of Here Alive) as Talia Perez, it is the returning cast that is perhaps most interesting. It would appear that Halo Season 2 will see a surprising return.

Warning: there be spoilers for Halo's first season on Paramount+ below.

More specifically, under the list of returning cast members is Charlie Murphy (Peaky Blinders), who played the Covenant human spy Makee in the show's first season. She and Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) shared an intense connection to the artifacts at the center of the season's plot, as only they could activate them. In the season finale, it was specifically revealed that the artifacts would point the way to the eponymous Halo installation that the franchise revolves around.

Also in the season finale, Makee was seemingly killed. She had touched the artifact, sending herself and Master Chief into a trance-like state, which was only broken when Silver Team member Kai (Kate Kennedy) shot and apparently killed her. The last shot of Makee in the first season is her body on the ground, lifeless and apparently dead. But given that she will make some sort of appearance in Halo Season 2, perhaps it was not as cut and dry as that.

That said, even with Murphy returning as Makee, there is no guarantee that Makee herself is actually alive. There have been plenty of visions, memories, and other flashbacks in the first season. Those could certainly continue in the new season, and given the impact of the previous season's finale, it would make sense for Master Chief to have some kind of interaction with her in some way in order to resolve lingering feelings. And that's all ruling out that Charlie Murphy could actually show up as an entirely different character of some sort -- which wouldn't be too far afield given Halo's sci-fi roots.

As noted above, Halo Season 2 has started production. The full first season of Halo is now available on Paramount+. The series stars Pablo Schreiber as Master ChiefNatascha McElhone as Dr. Catherine HalseyJen Taylor as the voice of Cortana, Yerin Ha as Kwan Ha, Charlie Murphy as Makee, and more. New series regulars for Halo Season 2 include Joseph Morgan as James Ackerson and Cristina Rodlo as Talia Perez. Additionally, Season 1 cast members Fiona O'Shaughnessy (Laera) and Tylan Bailey (Kessler) return as series regulars. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the Halo TV show right here. And you can catch Halo directly on Paramount+ right here.

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