Joe Rogan Reveals Why He Doesn't Play Video Games Anymore

Joe Rogan loves video games, especially Quake. He loves them too much, actually. During a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience -- a podcast on Spotify -- Rogan explained to guest Duncan Trussell the reason he can't play games, and it's because he quickly gets addicted to them. Speaking during the podcast, Rogan noted that, for him, video games are the most fun thing he does, bar spending time with loved ones. But again, he loves them too much. As a result, Rogan has cut himself off from video games, and hasn't played them in a while.

"I can't have video games," said Rogan. "That, to me, is like protecting my children against wolves. It becomes this obsessive thing where it's like, I've got to protect the tribe. You get locked into these g*****n games because they're so exciting."

Rogan continued:

"I wish I wasn't such a simpleton, because if I could f*****g just play for like one hour and stop. I can't because, at one hour, I start getting a better feel of where my cursor is going, when I'm moving the mouse around. I get a better understanding of strafe jumping and where to aim with my rail gun. Can't do it. I'm too dumb. I get too excited. I get too locked in."

Like most things, video games are great in moderation. Not only are they a great hobby and way to unleash stress, but in the right dosages, they are actually beneficial to your health. However, it sounds like for Rogan, the negatives far outweigh the positives.

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