League of Legends Reveals Winning Skin Theme from Player Vote

The League of Legends community has come together to choose one cosmetic theme as the next player-voted set of skins that Riot Games will work on. After first revealing the three prospective skin themes and asking players to choose between them, Riot Games revealed that the sleek and stylish Crime City Nightmare theme won the most votes. That theme will be fully realized in a new set of skins launching this year, but Riot Games has also decided that the runner-up, Debonair 2.0, will be transformed into new skins as well.

The results for the votes were shared this week with Crime City Nightmare being the clear winner among the three options as far as the global votes were concerned. Debonair 2.0 gained a slight lead in China, but every other region voted overwhelmingly for Crime City Nightmare.

Just as it did when it decided to rework both Fiddlesticks and Volibear following a community vote, Riot Games selected not one but two themes for this year's skins projects. A blog post accompanying the reveal of the winners confirmed the plans and said that Riot Games would keep an open mind towards the third-place winner, Monster Tamers.

"We mentioned before that we're open to launching more than one of these thematics depending on results, and we've seen a lot of enthusiasm for all three choices," Riot said. "So in 2021, you can expect to see both Crime City Nightmare and Debonair 2.0 hit the Rift, and we'll continue thinking about Monster Tamers further down the line as well."

As for the release for the Crime City Nightmares skins, Riot said it's currently looking to launch the cosmetics some time between July and September. Updates will be shared on them over time similar to how we've seen from past community-voted skins, champion reworks, and other projects, so expect to see more Crime City Nightmare previews in the future.


Players also voted on a topic that'll have much larger gameplay implications once the project is finished. Another champion rework vote was held, and the community voted for Udyr to be the next target for a rework following Dr. Mundo. The jungler has been considered to be in a stagnant place for a long time now with as straightforward of a kit as a champion could imagine, but the timing for the vote itself is ironic considering how Udyr is now getting much more playtime in the competitive scene following the release of League of Legends' new items.