Marvel's Spider-Man Actor Wants to Play Moon Knight

Marvel's Spider-Man actor Yuri Lowenthal has expressed interest in playing Moon Knight in a video game based on the Marvel hero. Moon Knight has gained a lot of popularity over the last year after finally getting his own live-action adaptation. Earlier this year, Moon Knight made his MCU debut with a Disney+ series that has many fans hoping for a second season. As of right now, it's unclear how Moon Knight fits into the larger MCU, but it has fans excited. Given his skills and powers, it also left fans wanting a game for the character and that wish has not gone away. With rumors of an Iron Man game from EA and possibly even a Black Panther title, fans are hoping to see Moon Knight get a game as well.

As fans began speculating about what a Moon Knight game would look like, Twitter user and YouTuber Evan Filarca suggested Marvel's Spider-Man actor Yuri Lowenthal should play Moon Knight himself. Lowenthal plays Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the Insomniac Games series and is expected to reprise his role in the 2023 sequel. Lowenthal responded to Filarca's fan cast with enthusiasm, suggesting he'd be open to playing the beloved Marvel hero. Of course, this is nothing more than Marvel fans expressing their hopes for future Marvel video games that, as of right now, don't exist. This doesn't serve as any kind of hint for anything, but Lowenthal has proven to be an immensely capable actor as Spider-Man and his many other roles.

Insomniac Games has also confirmed that it's working on Marvel's Wolverine and as of right now, it's unclear who will play him. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy actor Jon McLaren has expressed the desire to play the beloved X-Men member along with the likes of David Hayter. After the success of the Batman: Arkham series and Insomniac's Spider-Man titles, it seems that the video game adaptations of superheroes are becoming just as lucrative for actors as the live action adaptations.


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