PlayStation Gives PS4 Players Free Infamous DLC

PlayStation has given PS4 players some Infamous DLC for free. Before Ghost of Tsushima, developer Sucker Punch Productions was primarily known for two series: Infamous and Sly Cooper. If you had to narrow it down to just one of these, it's probably Infamous, yet it seems the series is staying dormant in favor of Ghost of Tsushima 2. That said, while it may be a while before we see the PS3 and early PS4-era series return, PlayStation and Sucker Punch Productions have a little something for fans of it. 

Over on Twitter, the official Sucker Punch Productions relays word that some DLC for the most recent game in the series -- Infamous Second Son -- titled Cole's Legacy is now available on the PlayStation Store for free, or at least it's in some regions. As the tweet below notes, in some parts of the world, there's a small fee due to local restrictions. Meanwhile, it looks like more free DLC will follow soon.

"Cole's Legacy DLC for Infamous Second Son is now available on PlayStation Store," reads the tweet. "This is available at no charge in most regions, except those that require a small fee due to local restrictions. We are also working to release Fetch's D.U.P. outfit for Infamous First Light."

As always, we will keep you updated as the situation evolves. At the moment of publishing, it's unclear why this DLC has been made free and it's also unclear if this is a limited-time offer or a permanent one.

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