Saints Row Writer Shares Update on Movie

Screenwriter Greg Russo shared an update on the Saints Row movie this week to reaffirm that the movie is indeed still happening. Russo shared on his Twitter account a picture of the second revised draft of the Saints Row script. It was dated for July 2020 and marks the first update on the movie that we've heard from Russo or elsewhere for a while now. The movie was first announced over a year ago in April 2019 and is being directed by Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray. The movie does not currently have a release date.

Russo shared the image below on Twitter and said "For real" to remind people that yes, despite everything else that's been going on, the Saints Row movie is still alive and well. He didn't provide any more hints about the movie or the timeframe it's on within the replies though, so a shot of the revised script is all Saints Row fans have to keep themselves going for now.

While he didn't say anything else this time, Russo has talked about his plans for the Saints Row movie before. He's said in the past he wants to make the Saints Row adaptation "the next insane film franchise." He also compared the tone of the movie to that of Kingsman: The Secret Service.

"Well, I am also adapting Saints Row. Talking about crazy off the wall," Russo told previously. That is going to, we are going to outer ... No, not literally outer space. Talk about crazy off the wall, we're going nuts with that one. So that's going to be a blast. I think like all of the like weird meets Escape from New York, you know with the tone of like Kingsman. It's going to be fun."

Along with the Saints Row adaptation, Russo is also on board as the writer for the Mortal Kombat movie reboot. He's shared updates on that movie periodically as well which has a release date set for January 15, 2021. That date was set in December 2019 and was announced just a few days before the movie wrapped filming. That was obviously before the coronavirus pandemic impacted many movies, but there's been no update thus far on how the situation will impact the Mortal Kombat movie if it will at all.


The Saints Row movie adaptation does not yet have a release date.