Steam Users Surprised With Stealth Release of PlayStation Exclusive

Steam users have been surprised by a new stealth release. Typically, it's console users who are surprised with stealth releases -- especially Nintendo Switch users -- but this time it's those on PC. The game comes the way of developers Honeyslug and Richard Hogg, and publisher Annapurna Interactive. And not only is the game new to Steam, but new to PC after being exclusive to PlayStation consoles for eight years. If you haven't connected the dots already, the game in question is Hohokum, which was released back in August of 2014 via the PS3, PS4, and PlayStation Vita. Today is the first time it's ever been available on a non-PlayStation platform. 

It's currently too early to report on Steam user reviews as there isn't enough data. That said, what Steam users are getting for $9.99 is an "art" game with a 75 on Metacritic. At the time of its release, the game's presentation was lauded, but many felt that the gameplay loop wasn't as refined or realized as it could have been.

"Take on the role of a curious flying kite-like being and travel to colorful, curious worlds waiting to be discovered," reads an official blurb about the game on Steam. "Interact with characters and environments to uncover secrets or simply roam at your own pace and be amused at the surprises that unfold. While there are goals and activities, at its heart, Hohokum is a playground – a place to wander about and get lost in.

As you would expect, the system requirements for the game are absolutely nothing. In fact, the minimum is the same as the recommended, which is to say you need a 64-bit processor and an operating system. That's it. Have this and $10 and you get four to seven hours of colorful content.

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