Steam Game Gains 10 Million Players in One Week

A Steam game has gained 10 million players in one week, making it one of the most popular games on the platform right now, however, there's a reason it attracted so many new players. Last week, we relayed word that one of the best-selling Steam games was being made free. Unfortunately, if you didn't know this, you missed out, as the deal has expired and the game has reverted back to its normal price. If you did see this, you'll know the game in question is Warhammer: Verminitide 2.

Fast-forward a few days, and developer Fatshark has announced that by making the game free for a week it brought in 10 million new players into the fold. Players presumably mean those who booted up the game, so it's possible even more redeemed the free download, but haven't made the next step yet. Whatever the case, 10 million players is a lot, though it remains to be seen how many will play and stick around. 

With a possible resurgence in players, it's possible the game could be supported in a more significant way than previously planned, but if this is the case, Fatshark doesn't convey it.

Now back to $30 -- but on sale for $6 -- the first-person co-op melee action game debuted back in 2018 alongside a Metacritic score of 82. Eventually, it would become a multi-million seller, though it seems its player base may have been drying up, hence why it was made free for a week. 

On Steam itself, the game boasts a "Very Positive" User Review rating, with 83 percent of over 68,000 user reviews rating the game positively. This is the second-highest score a game can earn on Steam, behind only "Overwhelmingly Positive."

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