Steam Game Made Free for a Limited Time

Another Steam game has been made free for a limited time. As of right now, and until May 17 (1:00 PM EST), all Steam users can download Galaxium for free. Normally, the game costs $1.99, so it's not an incredible amount of savings, but if you're looking for a free game to play and aren't interested in free-to-play, then this could be what you're looking for.

Developed by Tony Munoz and Dario Carnelutti and published by Wulum LTD, Galaxium is an arcade game inspired by the classics in the genre. On Steam, the game has only six user reviews, five of which recommend the game. This would mean 80 percent of users recommend the title, but with such a small sample size, this stat isn't extremely relevant.

"Inspired by classic arcade games, we push extraordinary features to help you defend the Earth from the vicious Kroh. Download Galaxium and have fun remembering other times of gaming but with the resolution and immersive experience that 3D offers. Discover the potential of your hero as you move on to higher levels. Challenge your friends' skills and bring yourself a moment of laughs. Shoot and destroy the aliens-Kroh on the first levels, advance, and get access to shields, expansive bombs, triple shoot, and jump boosters. The aliens-Kroh comes in waves. But different kind of Kroh represents a different challenge to be destroyed. The Earth, the Galaxy, and the Universe depend on you. Compete with all your friends and people around the Earth."

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