Xbox Live, EA Servers Experiencing Issues [UPDATE]

Update 2: EA has now also confirmed that the issues outlined below have been addressed.

Update: The official Xbox Support Twitter account has confirmed the issues outlined below have been addressed. However, issues with EA games continue.

Original: Both Xbox Live and EA servers are currently experiencing issues. More specifically, if you're having trouble launching your games on Xbox One, you aren't alone. Over on Twitter, the official Xbox Support account has confirmed it's aware players are encountering this issue, and it has its engineers on the job. At the moment, it's unclear what the problem is, and whether it's related to the problems EA games are having.

Also on Twitter, and right around the same time, the EA Help Twitter account shared that it's aware that players are experiencing connectivity issues, which are currently being investigated. Again, it's unclear if the Xbox Live problems are causing the EA issues, but the timing suggests the two could be related.

For now, an ETA on a solution has not been provided by either party. As you may know, issues like these can often be swiftly fixed, but sometimes they can also drag on for hours and be reoccurring.

Of course, as updates come in from both parties, we will update the story with the relevant information provided. At the moment, it's unclear how widespread these issues are, but players are reporting problems en masse, suggesting both problems are substantial.


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