Xbox Series X Controller Has a Very Handy New Feature

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controllers have a few new upgrades and a very handy new feature. This generation, it's the PS5 DualSense controller that's been earning all the praise and attention thanks to its haptic feedback and adaptative triggers. While the PS5 controller is substantially different from the rest of the pack, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controller is not. It's basically just the Xbox One controller. That said, Microsoft is improving upon its borrowed design slowly but surely. For example, a new update for the controller comes with "fixes and updates that deliver performance improvements." In addition to performance improvements, Microsoft has also given the Xbox Series X|S controller a brand new and handy feature.

 More specifically, you can now remap the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controller share button and assign a wide range of custom actions to it. Courtesy of the Xbox Accessories app, you can now remap the purpose of the button to mute your TV, open your friends' list, and do many other things. 

For those that don't know, the share button allows you to take a screenshot by tapping it and to record by holding it down. Of course, not everyone finds this very useful, which is why being able to remap this button is a very handy feature. Combine this with the performance improvements, and it's a major gain for everyone using the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controller. 

These controller improvements are just a small part of a much larger update to Xbox consoles. The update also notably upgrades the Quick Resume function and provides a new audio setup.

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