Funko's Agent Venom (Thunderbolts) Pop Figure Exclusive is Live


Funko has partnered with Pop In a Box for a series of four exclusive Pop figures that will be released throughout the month of November. The DC Comics Red Hood figure was released for week 1, and week 2 is all about the Marvel Agent Venom (Thunderbolts) Pop!

Pre-orders for the Agent Venom (Thunderbolts) Pop figure are live here at Pop In a Box for $12.99. Note that this figure will be more exclusive that most PIAB releases:

"He's back! For our second PIABCON2 stickered exclusive release, we really wanted to do the Thunderbolts Agent Venom but we felt he deserved more than a new lick of paint - so we did a partial new sculpt, because of these we only have half of the stock we would normally have for an exclusive!!!"

If you're not familiar, Eugene "Flash" Thompson debuted as Agent Venom after losing his legs while serving in the Army and subsequently enlisting in a government project (Project Rebirth) that merged captured Venom symbiotes with soldiers in hopes that it could restore his ability to walk.

Thompson's Venom was used as a weapon by the U.S. government who wanted to build a super soldier using the Symbiote. Agent Venom is eventually recruited by General Thaddeus Ross to join his team, The Thunderbolts which includes reformed villains like Baron Zemo and Taskmaster.


Stay tuned to Pop In a Box for the final two exclusive Funko Pop releases for November. They will be available here at PIAB on November 20th and 27th at 9am PST (12pm EST).

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