Thor Star Natalie Portman Addresses Jane Foster MCU Return

Jane Foster is still in limbo after Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor: Love and Thunder star Natalie Portman addressed Jane Foster returning to the MCU. Thor 5 is still a ways away and The Mighty Thor has joined a lot of other Marvel heroes in limbo. Portman told Total Film that she would be down to come back to Marvel after having such a good experience in Thor: Love and Thunder. "Oh, I have no idea," The Mighty Thor actress began. "I mean, no one's asked me to. So I don't know. But sure, that was super-fun." She talked about how much fun they had making the movie and had a lot of praise for Chris Hemsworth and director Taika Waititi. While fan reception for the fourth Thor movie might not have been as high as Ragnarok, there are clearly ways for Jane Foster to appear in Thor 5 and Avengers: Secret Wars

Check out what else she had to say right here! "Yeah, it was so fun. I had such a great time making it," Portman added. "I loved working with Taika [Waititi], and Chris [Hemsworth] is just the greatest, and so is Tessa [Thompson].I was just laughing all day, every day. There's only my highest love for that experience – and not to mention Australia, which is just the most glorious country."


Thor 5 could be the moment?

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It's likely Thor 5 is going to be an entirely different tone from Thor: Love and Thunder. Despited cracking $700 million at the box office, the fan reaction to the movie has soured the takes surrounding Chris Hemsworth's long-awaited return to the Thor franchise. What's more, the last entry seems to have dinged Waititi's directorial reputation a bit as well. (To the director's credit, he just kind of keeps doing his thing no matter what!) As it stands, we're probably going to end up seeing Thor and Mighty Thor again. But, expect something a touch more serious.

What Happened With Thor: Love And Thunder?


Jane Foster poised to return.

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When it comes to the fan reaction to Thor: Love and Thunder, Chris Hemsworth basically blames itself for the movie not getting closer to $1 billion at the box office. Before Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga rumbled into theaters, the MCU star told Vanity Fair that people should be looking at him for the shortcomings of the last Thor movie. All of that is very sweet, but there were a ton of factors at play. Fellow Marvel actor and founding Avenger Robert Downey Jr. quickly leaped to the defense of his co-star. It's been a weird journey for Thor in the MCU and how could anyone expect any different really?

Hemsworth said during the profile, "I got caught up in the improv and the wackiness, and I became a parody of myself. I didn't stick the landing." Downey would have a much different read on the Thor's star's journey through the cosmos. "First off, Thor as a character was super tricky to adapt—lots of implied limitations—but he and Ken Branagh figured out how to transcend, make him somehow relatable but godlike," the Iron Man actor contended. "Hemsworth is, in my opinion, the most complex psyche out of all us Avengers. He's got wit and gravitas, but also such restraint, fire, and gentleness."

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