New Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Released at DC FanDome

Wonder Woman 1984 is one of the most highly anticipated films set to hit theaters this year and not just because of the disruption to the entertainment industry that the coronavirus pandemic has caused. The sequel to 2017's Wonder Woman will see Gal Gadot reprise her role as the iconic DC heroine and now fans are getting a new look at the upcoming film. A new trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 was released today during the Wonder Woman 1984 panel during DC FanDome.

Wonder Woman 1984 will follow Diana in the 1980s where she will take on greed, corruption and a pair of new threats in the form of Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) and Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal). The film will also see the surprising return of Chris Pine's Steve Trevor and while the exact mechanics of how Steve is alive and well in 1984 after his apparent death in the World War 1 set Wonder Woman, Pine teased sort of a role reversal for Steve in the film as well as the "unchecked greed" the film explores with its villains during a visit to the set Wonder Woman 1984.

"Oh, well the first film is obviously very much Diana being a fish out of water, and then this one is fun for the audience and it's a total switch of that dynamic," Pine said. "So he's way less of the jaded realist in the war, the war pro that he is in the first one, and this one is just kind of, you know, boy transfixed by the wonderment of this incredible, incredible era of sophistication."

"I would say this: in kind of, in the disparity in terms of the character of evil in this is this really unchecked greed, unchecked want, and unchecked desire and the need to feed that unfillable hole," Pine said. "The last one [the first Wonder Woman] was more kind of characteristic of there's like an inherent flaw in the human that's some like maybe just characteristically evil in one thing, misery and entropy and death and all that. But this is like very specifically greed and like you can make your own kind of correlations between what's happening today, but I think a very apropos concept to investigate now in the 80s being kind of that, you know, one of the high points of Reaganomics, you know, all that stuff."


Wonder Woman 1984 is currently set to open in theaters October 2nd.