Pedro Pascal Addresses if the Mandalorian Will Take on Leadership Role in Season 3

Star Wars: The Mandalorian is easily one of the most highly-anticipated projects in all of Star Wars – with good reason. After two groundbreaking seasons, we got a brief "changing-of-the-guard" prologue to The Mandalorian Season 3, via The Book of Boba Fett limited series. BoBF showed us how Pedro Pascal's Din Djarin learns that the Darksaber he won from Moff Gideon in battle is more of a burden than he ever could've imagined. 

When The Book of Boba Fett ended, Din Djarin had been tasked by the leader of his Tribe, The Armorer, to take the Darksaber back to Mandalore and use to reactivate the planet, in order to call all the Mandalorian tribes scattered across the galaxy back to their homeworld. Din's young charge Grogu (Baby Yoda) made the choice to forsake his training with Luke Skywalker in the way of the Jedi in order to fully embrace the way of the Mandalore like his surrogate father. After helping Boba Fett take control of Tatooine, Din Djarin and Grogu flew in a new converted Naboo fighter ship to fulfill the quest to bring back Mandalore. 

(Photo: Disney / Lucasfilm) was on hand at Star Wars Day 2022 where the first trailer for The Mandalorian Season 3 was shown. The footage in The Mandalorian Season 3 trailer teased Mando trying to earn his place back in The Tribe by reuniting Mandalore, only to find himself becoming a leader in his own right. But, according to Pedro Pascal, Din Djarin will not immediately acclimate to a leadership role: 

"If he is stepping into a leadership position, he's reluctant to do so," Pascal told Total Film. "I don't think that there's anything more interesting than a character being forced into discovering what they're capable of, and who they are. That part has been really, really fun. Also, from my point of view, there's so many searchable ways to find the tonality of that. I just tried to achieve the subtleties of that kind of character development." 

On the other hand, Katee Sackhoff says Bo-Katan Kryze will be none too happy to see Mando becoming a leader: "Anytime you have a goal and you don't succeed, I think you reevaluate."

As stated, The Mandalorian Season 3 is one of the most highly-anticipated entries in the modern Star Wars franchise. It will start streaming on Disney+ in February 2023.