Fear the Walking Dead: Read Colby Minifie's Goodbye to the Cast

Colby Minifie is the latest Fear the Walking Dead cast member to bid farewell to the series after another sixth season shocker in last week's "Things Left to Do." The twist-filled finale for Minifie's Ginny — originally planned to air as the midseason return before the preceding episode, "The Door," was delayed amid the pandemic — saw the widowed June Dorie (Jenna Elfman) dispense justice after Ginny's daughter, Dakota (Zoe Colletti), gunned down John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt). After nearly two seasons as the big bad gunning for Morgan Jones (Lennie James) and company, Minifie exits Fear with an appreciation post aimed at her Walking Dead co-stars.

In a farewell published on Instagram, Minifie penned personalized goodbyes to James, Elfman, Colletti, and more:

The secret is out so now I'm spamming you all with appreciation posts but jeepers creepers this cast is good. @thereallenniejames literally carried me through every scene of this epi. thanks for blaming me for that loud goat fart. @jennaelfman thank you for welcoming me wholeheartedly from day one through to the end and for sticking with me during my bouts of perfectionism. @zoecolletti, the best tv daughter a girl could ask for, thanks for being f-cking THERE for me every damn take. @alyciajasmin [Alycia Debnam-Carey, Alicia] my love, what is there to say but thank you? @kingofbingo [Colman Domingo, Strand] renaissance man, constant inspiration, and laugh factory. @austinamelio [Austin Amelio, Dwight] I could watch you all day. @that_mo_collins [Mo Collins, Sarah] my lady of ladies and comedy queen and swimming buddy. @karendavidofficial [Karen David, Grace] I miss hiding my hand in your pregnant belly and I hope your head is ok. @danaygarcia1 [Danay Garcia, Luciana] you special human I miss you, you're wonderful. @ruben.blades [Ruben Blades, Daniel] icon and excellent barber I'll see you in NY! @maggiegrace [Maggie Grace, Althea] thanks for all your wisdom. @garretdillahunt [Garret Dillahunt, John] what an icon thank you for making me a better actor. @alexanisenson [Alexa Nisenson, Charlie] the sweetest girl in all the land. @colbyhollman [Colby Hollman, Wes] my Colby cheese of cheeses you rock. @christineevangelista [Christine Evangelista, Sherry] you beauty thank you for your kindness. @darylchillmitchell [Daryl Mitchell, Wendell] I miss you man! @craignigh [Craig Nigh, Ranger Hill] you made Ginny what she is. Thank you for being my right hand ;) @hollycurran11 [Holly Curran, Janis] gorgeous lady thanks for walking the walks with me. And @baileygavulic [Bailey Gavulic, Annie] and Peter Jacobson [Rabbi Jacob] and @bobbie_grace [Bobbie Grace, Ranger Samuels] and every actor who made Lawton sing, I love you.

"The battle between Morgan and Virginia has been brewing since Season 5, but in a more stark way since 601," co-showrunner Ian Goldberg told Decider about Ginny's death in Episode 609. "When Morgan threw down the gauntlet and said, 'Morgan Jones is dead, you're dealing with someone else.' Now we knew this conflict was coming, but we also knew that there is another threat out there, independent of Virginia that we've been teasing since that episode as well, which is these people that are spray painting, 'the end is the beginning.' So just in terms of structure, we knew that the middle of the season was going to be where Virginia was going to meet her end and this other threat would rise to the forefront."

With Ginny out of the picture, Fear is bringing in a new big bad: doomsayer Teddy (John Glover), a pre-apocalypse killer who just might have haunted John Dorie's past.


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