Harley Quinn: Kite Man Finally Learns About Poison Ivy's Affair

Relationship tensions have been high during this season of Harley Quinn, and some big secrets were [...]

Relationship tensions have been high during this season of Harley Quinn, and some big secrets were finally revealed this week. A few episodes ago, Harley and Poison Ivy had multiple steamy hookups during Ivy's bachelorette party in Themyscira. Sadly, the episode ended with Ivy choosing to stay with Kite Man, telling Harley, "I trust you with my life, but not with my heart." Things took a dark turn this week when Doctor Psycho took over Ivy's mind in an attempt to kill Harley. However, an epic kiss forced everything out in the open, and Kite Man finally learned the truth about Ivy's affair.

While Ivy was being mind-controlled, Kite Man attempted to save her with a "true love's kiss." Naturally, it doesn't work and he gets knocked unconscious. However, Harley soon tries the same move and her kiss does break Doctor Psycho's spell. Together, Harley and Ivy defeat Pyscho, and Harley confesses her feelings to Ivy one more time. Unfortunately, before Ivy had a chance to respond, Kite Man wakes up, wondering if his kiss did the trick. That's when Doctor Psycho pulls yet another d*ck move. Since he was in Ivy's mind, he now has the images of their hookup and broadcasts them for all of Gotham to see. The episode ends with an awkward silence between Harley, Kite Man, and Ivy.

Considering next week's episode is titled "The Runaway Bridesmaid," we have to assume Ivy is going to choose Kite Man and proceed with the wedding... at least for now. With any luck, Ivy will come to her senses before saying "I do" to Kite Man and choose Harley once and for all. We especially hope we get some romantic closure this season considering DC Universe hasn't picked up the show for a third season yet. We're ready to get gung-ho about a #RenewHarleyQuinn campaign, but if the worst happens, we hope the show ends with some Harlivy goodness.

Recently, Harley Quinn showrunner Patrick Schumacker took to Twitter to brainstorm an idea for the show's third season but also confirmed that a new batch of episodes is not yet in the works. Musing on the series and current events, Schumacker tweeted: "Well, I think Harley Season 3* will open with Gothamites on a Zoom screaming obscenities at Commissioner Gordon and his fellow cops. *If we get a season 3."

The season two finale of Harley Quinn drops next Friday, June 26th, on DC Universe.