The Boys: Karl Urban Is on His Way to Film Season 3

Get ready for more debauchery, blood, and anti-capitalist shenanigans as Season 3 of The Boys is set to begin filming for Amazon Prime, according to series star Karl Urban. The actor previously teased that filming would begin soon after posting vacation photos from his home country of New Zealand. Now he's heading back across the ocean to begin filming the third season of the popular and deranged superhero series in which he stars as Billy Butcher. Butcher is back for more, it looks like, as Urban is currently en route from a COVID-19 safe zone to begin filming new episodes.

Check out Urban's post on social media in the image below!

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A post shared by Karl Urban (@karlurban) had the chance to speak with Homelander actor Antony Starr about the new season, and the actor confirmed they were planning to get back to work soon.

"We haven't got a specific date yet, but in the not-too-distant future, within a month or so," explained Starr. "I think, because of COVID and because we're shooting in the winter which is going to be a little difficult, it limits us to interiors, initially. So it's a very staggered intake of cast to the shooting schedule this season."

Starr added, "I'll head up soon. Honestly, I'm chomping at the bit to get back into it, but there's just a lot of new regulations. It's a whole new world with COVID that we have to adhere to a bunch of new regulations, so very soon. Can't be soon enough."

Series showrunner Eric Kripke previously spoke with TV Line about Season 3 of The Boys, teasing that there would be a major shift. Unlike previous season where the Boys were on the run, they are now working for the CIA in an effort to keep super in check.

"If Season 1 ended with The Boys really cornered, and we open on them really desperate and cornered, Season 2 ends with a certain amount of victory and stability," Kripke added. "I mean, it's bittersweet and at a terrible cost, but they scored a win, and so when you come in on Season 3, there's a certain amount of comfort that they're experiencing and a certain amount of stability, and they're kind of the recognizable version of The Boys from the comics. They're officially working for the CIA, they have a budget, they have offices in the Flatiron Building. They're living a fairly stable existence, but there are a couple swords hanging over their heads, which are: It's only a matter of time before Homelander breaks, and it's only a matter of time before they learn something terrible about Neuman. They're content as Season 3 begins, but obviously that won't last long."

There's no release date yet for The Boys Season 3, but stay tuned to for more info.