WWE NXT's Kacy Catanzaro is Up for Playing Marvel's Spider-Woman

While Marvel and Sony figure out the next step of their cinematic Spider-Verse, perhaps it's time [...]

While Marvel and Sony figure out the next step of their cinematic Spider-Verse, perhaps it's time to look to WWE NXT Superstar Kacy Catanzaro for inspiration? The former American Ninja Warrior standout officially signed to the WWE some time ago, but we have begun to see much more of her in action on NXT's weekly episodes. First making her big in-ring debut during the first Mae Young Classic in 2018, Catanzaro became an instant fan favorite when she put her American Ninja Warrior skills to good use during her in-ring entrance.

Catanzaro continues to utilize this entrance to this day as the superstar climbs up the side of the ring post, and definitely carves out a distinct image for herself. So distinct, in fact, that WWE and FOX themselves wondered whether or not she should be playing Spider-Woman next. To which Kacy Catanzaro replied that she's ready for such a massive task.

Although the character has yet to make her way to the live-action Spider-Man films, there is a hope that Spider-Woman could still make it to the movies someday. Jessica Drew is one of the key characters in the Marvel Universe as a whole, but the character's name and ties to the Spider-Man mythos make her tough to launch without very much involvement from Spider-Man.

Even with all of those hurdles to cross, earlier this year reports started popping up about a potential Spider-Woman film being in the works. According to early words on the matter, Sony is currently eyeing director Michelle MacLaren (The X-Files, Breaking Bad, and more) to oversee the new film with Alicia Vikander potentially attached to star as Jessica Drew.

News on that front has been scarce (even more so due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic), but since it has yet to be set in stone maybe Catanzaro still has a chance? She's certainly got the athletic prowess needed to fully embody the role of such a prominent hero. But what do you think?

Would Kacy Catanzaro make a great fit for the live-action take on Spider-Woman? If not Spider-Woman, which Spider-Verse character would she be a great fit for? Excited to see more of her work on WWE NXT each week? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!