Black Clover Flashback Explores How Nacht Joined the Black Bulls

Black Clover explored how Nacht came to join the Black Bulls with a flashback in its newest [...]

Black Clover explored how Nacht came to join the Black Bulls with a flashback in its newest chapter! When Yami was captured by the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad and Asta and the Black Bulls were at a loss as to what they could do next, hope soon arrived from a surprising source. It was soon revealed that the Black Bulls indeed had a Vice-Captain much like the other squads, but that this Vice Captain was a devil host much like Asta. Not only that, but this Vice Captain had been spying on the Spade Kingdom through the duration of the series so far.

With such a big reveal like this, the mysterious only seemed to grow larger with Nacht Faust. As he's been challenged with his toughest fights in the series to date with the recent string of chapters, we have begun to learn that much more about his past and what brought him to the point we met him in the present. The newest chapter of the series even closes a loop and reveals how he came to join the Black Bulls squad in the first place.

Black Clover How Nacht Joined Black Bulls Spoilers Manga
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Previous chapters had revealed that Nacht had a twin brother named Morgen who, unlike him, was more interested in using his Light magic abilities to save people as part of the Magic Knights. He had been working with the Grey Deer alongside a young Yami, and through this Nacht and Yami started to get to know one another. But when Morgen dies when Nacht tries to summon the Supreme Devil, Yami and Nacht's relationship gets tighter.

Chapter 287 of the series begins with the flashback showing Nacht mourning his fallen brother. Yami comes to him and says that someday he'll make a squad of his own, and says that when that happens Nacht will become his Vice-Captain. This is all it takes for Nacht to eventually join the Black Bulls, but he chooses to do so in his own way as he does not want to be like his brother once was.

Not forgiving himself for the death of his brother, Nacht decides to fight from the shadows and use his power to destroy evil with his own brand of evil. This explains why he hates the other Magic Knights when we meet him, and why he fits in perfectly with the other Black Bull misfits considering Yami just gives him free reign to fit as he chooses in honor of Morgen.

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