Black Clover Highlights the Familial Connection Between Asta and His Devil

Black Clover's newest chapter highlights the familial connection between Asta and the devil in his grimmoire. As Asta prepares for the next major battle against the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad, fans have seen him go through the Devil-Binding Ritual in an attempt to make his devil abilities stronger. But rather than have his devil completely submit to him following the ritual, Asta came to an understanding with his devil and the two of them have formed a contract as equals. But as fans have also found out, their connection actually goes at lot deeper than this.

During the Devil-Binding Ritual it was revealed that Asta's devil was actually named Liebe, and he was a devil that was thrown out of the underworld due to not having any magic of his own. One of the most surprising reveals, however, is that he was adopted by a mysterious woman who turned out to be Asta's mother (who also gave Liebe his name). Now that they are working as equals, Asta and Liebe are truly acting like family.

Chapter 272 of the series continues Asta and Liebe's training under Nacht as the two of them are struggling how to draw out Liebe's power with their new contract. Series creator Yuki Tabata also throws in several fun nods to their surprising familial bond by showing just how alike the two of them are through their physicality as they react to being tired in very much the same way.

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The chapter also shows how differently Liebe's starting to view Asta as he even admits that "ten percent" of the time Asta's ideas can be genius, and even goes along with the "90 percent" of Asta's dumb ideas too as they try and unlock their full Devil Union mode. But the real connection comes toward the end of the chapter when both of their lives on the line.


When it seems like Nacht is going to kill the both of them, the two of them dig deep and declare that they are not going to let the other one die. This final bit of synchronicity sees the two of them bond even further and seemingly unlocking their full Devil Union mode at the end of the chapter.

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