My Heroes Academia Revives One of Overhaul's Dreams

My Hero Academia's latest chapter sees the tide of the Paranormal Liberation War take a violent left turn, just when the pro heroes thought they had victory in their grasp. Tomura Shigaraki has awoken from stasis with a whole new set of powers, including a boosted disintegration quirk and the All For One power handed down by his master. Shigaraki's awakening unleashed a massive disintegration wave onslaught, but that seems to be just the beginning of the massive new threat that Shigaraki has become. The League of Villains leader has a monster and an entire army to go with his new powers - as well as one gift leftover from Overhaul.

Warning - My Hero Academia Manga SPOILERS Follow!

In chapter 273 of My Hero Academia, the pro heroes are still trying desperately to escape the onslaught of disintegration that Shigaraki initially unleashes. As for the villain leader himself: Tomura comes to his senses in the ruins of Dr. Ujiko's disintegrated laboratory.

Shigaraki knows that he's woken up in the midst of the war he was planning with his new Paranormal Liberation Front group - but he's not too happy with the state of things. The heroes have the villains on the ropes - or at least they did until Shigaraki once again takes command of his army, which includes a giant monster (Gigantomachia) and some League of Villains members on a murderous rampage (Toga).

However, Shigaraki is a little disappointed that one part of his plan isn't coming to fruition: the production of Overhaul's quirk-canceling bullets! Dr. Ujiko's lab had a machine that was working on producing the special bullets, but Shigaraki laments that it's seemingly damaged beyond repair.

My Hero Academia Manga 273 Shigaraki Overhaul Quirk Bullet
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

My Hero Academia's Overhaul arc ended with the dark epilogue of The League of Villains attacking Overhaul's prison transport. Shigaraki disintegrated the Yakuza leader's hands, adding insult to injury after hijacking his quirk-canceling tech.

It's unclear whether or not the damaged quirk bullet machine was the result of Shigaraki's power explosion, or possibly the last heroic act of pro hero X-Less, who was the closest (and first) to have been disintegrated in the shockwave (although his cape clearly wasn't...). X-Less noticed the quirk-canceling bullet machine just before Shigaraki awoke, and the blast hole in the machine looks like it's the same signature as X-Less's laser eye blast. It would be a cool (if brief) character arc for the fallen hero, who may have just stopped the villains from winning the war for certain.


My Hero Academia has finished airing season 4 of the anime on Hulu and Funimation. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.