Sword Art Online Reveals How Kirito's Parents Feel About His Virtual Journey

With a series with so many fantastical elements like Sword Art Online, it can be easy to forget that Kirito's real name is Kazuto Kirigaya and that he actually lives with his family instead of off in some virtual world. With the final episode of Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld, we actually got to see what Kirito's parents think of his virtual journey. Because while we have seen Kirito grow into a god like hero by the end of War of Underworld, from his parents' perspective Kirito has been missing for a while.

The Alicization saga kicked off the third season with Kirito being poisoned and put into a coma, but it was soon revealed that he was transferred to the Rath facility and was uploaded into Underworld from that point on. So the newest episode of the series sees his parents confronting Kirito about this disappearance.

Kirito apologizes to them about making them worry, but his mother is fine with it as she says they're used to it by now. She forgives Kirito because it means he's accomplished whatever his mission was, but his father is a bit more stern. He reveals that Kirito's mother had been stressed the entire time he was missing, and while he understands it was an important mission -- he didn't like not hearing anything at all from his son for all that time.

Sword Art Online Kirito Parents Reaction War of Underworld Finale
(Photo: Aniplex of America)

He wants Kirito to go to school, study, and eventually go to college. Alice vouches for Kirito saying that she saved his world, and his father playfully notes that he and Kirito's mother know all about his being a hero. He even calls him "Black Swordsman," and declares that he really just wants Kirito to live with no regrets.


Kirito's parents have been quite through a lot, and it's wild looking back on the franchise from their perspective. Their son was in a coma for quite some time with his first big virtual dive, and he only continues to do so. Now he's involved in shadowy research projects where he disappears for several days or months at a time while in both physical and mental dangers.

It's only natural for them to worry, and it's definitely helps to gain perspective on Kirito's virtual adventures as a whole. But what do you think? Did you expect to see Kirito's parents being so understanding of his disappearances? How would you respond to Kirito continuing these virtual dives despite the dangers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!