Why Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow Were Cancelled Reportedly Revealed

The past few weeks have been a pretty shocking one with regards to television, with networks cancelling a surprising number of high-profile or fledgling shows. Among them were several shows on The CW, including the Arrowverse mainstays Batwoman and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, a decision that has led to an array of surprised reactions and social media campaigns from fans. A new report from The Hollywood Reporter sheds some light on The CW's cancellation of Batwoman, Legends, and a number of shows — and cites a unique reason for the two long-running superhero shows getting the axe. According to their reporting, while The CW president Mark Pedowitz wanted to renew both shows for additional seasons, Warner Bros. Discovery reportedly axed the shows because they "no longer wanted to pay the leases on the studio space, which expired on May 1."

Given the previous reporting regarding Warner Bros. Discovery, which recently merged after a $43 billion acquisition, the idea of the company wanting to cut certain expenses might not be that surprising. Reports have indicated that Warner Bros. Discovery is also cutting back on scripted programming at its TNT and TBS cable channels, and that DC's Wonder Twins HBO Max movie might have been cancelled along the way.

Still, the report might not make the news of Batwoman and Legends' cancellations sting any less, especially as both shows wrapped up their respective seasons earlier this spring on somewhat-ambiguous endings, before knowing whether or not they were going to get renewed. Legends' Season 7 finale ended with the team getting arrested amid the arrival of Booster Gold (Donald Faison), while the final moments of Batwoman Season 3 teased a grotesque villain that drew comparisons to the Monster Men, Solomon Grundy, or Doctor Dreath.

"The cliffhanger isn't the CW's fault. It's mine," Legends showrunner Keto Shimizu wrote on Twitter shortly after the cancellation news broke. "I played chicken with the pickup, and lost. Hopefully the story can continue in another form. TV movie? Comic book? Radio play?"

Additionally, The CW decided to axe fellow DC series Naomi, as well as In the Dark, Dynasty, Charmed, Legacies, and Roswell, New Mexico.

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