Fortnite Reportedly Almost Added a "Battle Bucks" Feature

Fortnite reportedly almost added a money-saving feature dubbed Battle Bucks that would have lessened the number of credit card charges and Pay-Pal transactions for V-Bucks. According to a new report, Epic Games nearly added Battle Bucks to Chapter 1 Season 1, which would have given players currency just for playing, something it doesn't currently do.

The report comes way of prominent Fortnite dataminer and content creator HypeX, who discovered word of the feature and what it does while searching through the game's files. As for what happened to Battle Bucks, HypeX doesn't say. The dataminer simply notes the mechanic was scrapped.

Of course, it's also unclear how generous the feature would have been. In other words, whether its payout for playing would have been appreciable or whether or not it would have driven up the prices for items.

As you may know, this type of play-to-earn-currency model is in other games, such as Fall Guys. However, for now, it's not in Fortnite and there's no word of it coming to Fortnite. As for this report specifically, take it with a grain of salt, like you would any report.

At the moment of publishing, Epic Games has not commented on the report and it's unlikely it will as the company has a pretty strict "no comment" policy when it comes to rumors, reports, and leaks.


Fortnite is available, for free, via the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android devices, and soon it will also be available via the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

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