Phasmophobia Reveals First Look at New Prison Level

Phasmophobia developer Kinetic Game has revealed our first-ever look at the game's new Prison level. Earlier this month, the developer teased that a new Prison level was in the works, but at the time, no media accompanied this tease. Fast-forward a bit, and now this media has been revealed, courtesy of the game's official Twitter account, and courtesy of three new screenshots. Unfortunately, there's no word on when the level will release, but it looks like development is further along on the level than previously thought.

The first of these three screenshots shows what looks like a stereotypical communal room, featuring several tables and a platform for guards to have a top-down view of the prisoners. The second screenshot appears to showcase the courtyard of the prison, complete with a lot of high fencing and a watchtower. While this screenshot doesn't outright confirm the level will be both indoor and outdoor, it heavily implies as much. And of course, in turn, this suggests the map will be on the bigger side. Lastly, the third screenshot shows off the cell blocks.

Below, you can check out the trio of new screenshots for yourself:

Unfortunately, this is all the game's official Twitter account reveals. There are no salient details coupling these screenshots, and for now, it remains unclear when this new level will be released to players.

Phasmophobia is available via Steam Early Access on the PC, and right now, this is the only way to play the hit new horror game.


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