Resident Evil Village Steam Tags Hint at "Open World" Content and More

Following its big reveals from last week where we learned more about Resident Evil Village from its release date to other details, some new information has been gathered from an updated store page for the new Resident Evil game. Over on Steam, some new tags have been added periodically to alert and entice players with indicators of what lies within the game. Some of the most recent ones added since the Resident Evil showcase include “Open World” as well as “Sexual Content” and “Nudity.”

The horror-focused site Rely on Horror first took note of some of the updated Steam tags as they were spotted through the Steam Database. Tags like “Multiplayer” and “Co-op” were added back when the showcase took place which made sense seeing how Resident Evil Re:Verse will be included in the game and were followed by the notable “Open World” tag added the same day.

Though it does apparently have some degree of open-world elements to it, that tag could mean many different things when it comes to how players interact with Resident Evil Village’s world. Resident Evil games are as much about exploration required to survive as they are about slaying zombies, so open-world elements could be utilized in different ways. Resident Evil Village does seem to be a bit more open similar to Resident Evil 3 or Resident Evil 7, so perhaps players will indeed have room to stretch their legs when exploring the new setting.

Then there’s the more scandalous tags of “Sexual Content” and “Nudity” that have been added to the game more recently than others. Those two things could go hand-in-hand, but in games like these, it’s not uncommon to see them implemented in ways that might not be what players are expecting. It is a horror game after all, and even though it’s got a much different tone from Resident Evil 6, the latter was still tagged for nudity because of a body-horror boss fight. The reveal of Resident Evil Village’s vampire character Lady Dimitrescu and her “daughters” have already sent the Resident Evil fandom into a tizzy, however, so who knows what the new game will have in store.

Resident Evil Village releases for the Xbox Series consoles, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms on May 7th. There’s also a demo out now for the PlayStation 5 that shows a taste of what’s to come in the game.