Rocket League Season 2 Update Has a Surprise for Some Players

Rocket League's Season 2 update has a surprise for Nintendo Switch players. The second season of the popular PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and Nintendo Switch game is right around the corner, launching on December 9, with a big new feature and plenty of new content. Meanwhile, on Switch and Switch Lite, the Season 2 update will bring back a feature missed by many: split-screen play. Over on Reddit, Psyonix has confirmed that the update is fixing split-screen. For other platforms, the update will also add Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S improvements, but for now, there are no PS5 improvements.

If you play Rocket League online, you'll know split-screen isn't incredibly common, particularly in ranked playlists and at higher ranks, however, there are plenty of players who utilize split-screen, especially in casual playlists.

It's unclear why it wasn't working on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, or how long the problem has been inflicting these versions of the game, but it sounds like the update will make it a problem of the past, or at least that's the pitch.

Season 2 of Rocket League comes only a couple of months after Season 1, providing a much quicker season-to-season turnaround than some recent and previous seasons. Whether or not this suggests seasons will release at a faster rate going forward, who knows, but it did prevent pro players from reaching the same level of MMR as previous seasons. That said, a new season is great news for the average player, as long as they weren't slumping right before and falling ranks as a result.


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