Funko Mystery Pack Deal Includes 10 Pops For $30

There's a fun sale for Funko fans happening right here on Amazon's Woot deals site today, offering a "Mystery" 10 Pack of Funko Pops, Plush, Keychains, and 5 Star figures for $29.99 with free shipping for Prime members.

We say "mystery" because Woot notes that the 10 Pops and Plush will be randomly selected from the list below with no duplicates. That said, avert your eyes now if you want to keep the contents a surprise:

  • Fortnite S3 - Skull Trooper (Glow)
  • Disney: Wreck-It Ralph 2 - Fun Bun
  • Fortnite - Moonwalker
  • Disney: Wreck-It Ralph 2 -Taffyta
  • Fortnite - Valor, Multicolor
  • Pop Keychain: Wreck-It Ralph 2 - Vanellope
  • Pop! Keychain: Fortnite - Dark Vanguard
  • Funko Pint Size Heroes: Fortnite - Funk Ops & Tomatohead 2 Pack
  • Funko 5 Star: Harry Potter - Ron Weasley (Herbology)
  • Funko Galactic Plushies: Rick and Morty
  • Funko 5 Star: Ghostbusters - Dr. Raymond Stantz
  • Spider-Man Far from Home - Molten Man
  • Rick And Morty Galactic Plushies Rick Plush Figure
  • Rick And Morty Galactic Plushies Morty Plush Figure
  • Funko Supercute Plush: Ghostbusters - Slimer
  • Funko Supercute Plush: Ghostbusters - Stay Puft

At only $3 per item, the box is a pretty sweet deal for anyone that's a fan of these franchises. You can grab it here at Woot for the next few days - or until they sell out. If you want the latest and greatest Funko Pops, here are some recent headlines:

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