John Lennon Funko Pop Figures Launch For Popapalooza


Funko's music-themed Popapalooza event kicked off today, and we've already seen new Pop figures of artists ranging from DJ Khaled to Ozzy Osbourne to Twenty One Pilots. There are many more Pop Rocks figures on the way, but we have to imagine that these new John Lennon figures will be one of the biggest waves of the entire event.

Funko released Pop figures of The Beatles (Yellow Submarine) way back in 2012 / 2013, but these new figures feature John Lennon from his solo career. The common figure in the lineup focuses on John Lennon in his famous army jacket look. Pre-orders for that figure are live here at Entertainment Earth now.

However, you'll want to get the variant Pop figure John Lennon wearing psychedelic shades if you can. It's an Entertainment Earth exclusive that you can only pre-order right here. The trippy glasses are enhanced by the unique all white deco - definitely a unique Pop figure for collectors to display. Look for a peace sign John Lennon Pop figure with black and white Chase figure to arrive on the Funko Shop as an exclusive in the near future.

Funko's Popapalooza event takes place June 30th and July 1st. It's like a music festival only there's no actual music and Funko Pops are cheaper than most band merch at concerts. You can keep track of the new Popapalooza Funko Pops right here via our master list. You can keep track of all the best new Funko Pops right here. Some recent headlines include:


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