Ryan Reynolds’ Sugar Panda Returns for HighKey 4/20 Special

Earlier this year Ryan Reynolds revealed his latest role to the world, voicing the animated "Sugar Panda" for HighKey brands. A riff on "junkie" characters from pop culture, Sugar Panda isn't addicted to the hard stuff but, naturally, sugar, and appears in the ads to try and sway people to eat more sugar-added foods. Considering today is a totally normal day in April and not related at all to a subculture that Sugar Panda is a parody of, it makes perfect sense that new HighKey ad featuring Reynolds character would be released. Titled "HighKey Craving," it sees Sugar Panda enter a woman's home and try to convince her to, once again, eat some sugar. Actual sugar, not a euphemism.

That's not all though, according to an official press release from HighKey there's a special promotion that Reynolds fans can get in on today only. It reads: "To help satisfy those cravings without the guilt, Ryan Reynolds announced that HighKey is offering a special one-day baked cookie sale today. The entire site is 20% off with a low shipping price of $4.20 and you can purchase the “Plenty 4 20 Bundle” which includes 6 bags of cookies for only $20, a 30% savings." You can visit their store by clicking here.

"In an effort to Cancel Sugar, Not Cookies, HighKey is on a mission to eliminate over 10 million pounds of sugar from the American diet with their low-carb, low-sugar snacks that taste just as great as the original but without the guilt. To help them meet this goal, the brand partnered with Ryan Reynolds and his marketing firm Maximum Effort to launch a campaign starring Sugar Panda, an unusual animated spokesperson," HighKey previously explained.

"It’s a simple playbook: Cartoon mascot ✅ Jingle ✅ Delicious product ✅ Blood, drug, bodily function jokes ✅," Reynolds previously wrote on Instagram. While

While he waits for his next pair of movies, Free Guy and The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard which have been delayed multiple times, Reynolds has spent the better part of the last year flexing his muscles in the ad game. The actor has put out an array of great ads for his company, Mint Mobile, including one that brought Rick Moranis out of retirement and another that featured a Cameo from Gary Busey. Maximum Effort also made a funny Match.com commercial recently and Reynolds has done some great commercials for his gin company, Aviation Gin. The actor even graced the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine and spoke about his advertising philsophy.