Matt Damon Trolls Ben Affleck Over Robert Pattinson Taking His Batman Job

Long time friends and co-stars Matt Damon and Ben Affleck appeared in a new video for an Omaze campaign where a lucky winner will be flown to Los Angeles and get to hang out with the Oscar winners (once its safe, what with the pandemic). In the video though, Affleck and Damon trade barbs with the former encouraging the later to spice up his sell for their campaign, but eventually things get a little ugly. Affleck asks Damon to say things like "Come see Jason Bourne and Batman," which sees Damon reply with a deadpan tone: "Robert Pattinson's coming?" He follows it up by adding "Pattinson took your job." Watch the whole video for yourself below and check out the Omaze campaign, benefiting Eastern Congo Initiative & here.

Though production on the Pattinson starring The Batman is ongoing (new set photos arrived this week with almost the full cast), Affleck will still wear the cowl in a way as new footage of his appearance as Batman will appear in Zack Snyder's Justice League. The four hour long director's cut of the film is scheduled to arrive on HBO Max some time next year, even the first trailer for the project revealed previously unseen footage.

Pattinson previously tested positive for COVID-19, putting production on the Matt Reeves movie in hiatus once again following his diagnosis. Cameras are rolling though and everyone is eager to see more of the movie, even former Batman director and Pattinson collaborator, Christopher Nolan.

"Having worked with Rob, I can say with total confidence that he can do absolutely anything he sets his mind to," Nolan shared with Entertainment Tonight. "And I could not be more excited to see what he does with Batman."

Nolan added, "One of the first things I learned when we went to talk to the DC guys before Batman Begins is the character of Batman thrives on reinterpretation. Each generation creates its own version. That's what keeps the legend so sort of fresh in a way."


We'll have to wait a little longer to see Pattinson in action though as Warner Bros. Pictures has delayed the movie once again. The Batman's release date is now scheduled for March 4, 2022.