The Boys Season Two Premiere Features Parody of Marvel Netflix Hero

Potential spoilers ahead for the second season of The Boys! Proceed with caution if you want to go into this season completely spoiler-free. The first episodes are available now!

Though many of the characters throughout The Boys are pretty clear analogues for fan favorite comic book heroes, few of them are outright parodies of them. Homelander is mostly a Superman character, The Deep is kind of Aquaman, and Queen Maeve is a version of Wonder Woman, but with season two the series introduces a hero that is very clearly a parody of a Marvel hero. As The Seven finds themselves looking for a replacement member to fill in for the now-deceased Translucent, the team's publicist comes in with the perfect candidate, revealing Blindspot to the world.

Played by Chris Mark in the series, Blindspot is very clearly a version of Daredevil for The Boys. The character is seen flipping around on a practice martial arts set, eyes covered naturally, throwing weapons and practicing punching invisible foes. His presence is touted as perfect because he would be "a differently abled member of The Seven," but Homelander doesn't agree with the assessment, smashing his ears so that they burst and blood flies out, rendering him mostly useless and without his powers. Blindspot is left screaming and bleeding on the floor after this and not seen again in the other episodes of the second season.

Blindspot isn't the only new supe that appears in season two, and though some of the others are pretty clearly riffs on other popular heroes, he's perhaps the closest copy of a hero from Marvel or DC in the new batch of episodes.


Amazon Prime video released the first three episodes of The Boys season two early, arriving hours ahead of the originally announced premiere. The remaining five episodes of season two will drop weekly on Amazon afterward, culminating in the season two finale premiering on Friday, October 9 (assuming another surprise drop doesn't happen). Though the first season dropped all at once last year, Amazon has a chance to create some appointment television for its streaming service not unlike The Mandalorian.

The series has also already been renewed for a third season but due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic it's unclear when it will be able to shoot, resulting in the cast for the series releasing a a dire warning for those eager to see their adventures continue: Wear a mask.