WandaVision: Could Dottie Really Be a Member of the Squadron Supreme?

It feels like every second, a new theory surrounding Marvel's WandaVision comes to light. As the inaugural Marvel Cinematic Universe series to premiere on Disney+, the series has definitely been capturing fans' attention -- especially as it raises a wealth of new questions with each new episode. One of the biggest questions has been surrounding the identity of Dottie (Emma Caufield), a fellow housewife within the "Westview anomaly" that Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and The Vision (Paul Bettany) have begun to call home. The series' most recent episode revealed that Dottie was one of the few Westview residents to not be identified as a real person by SWORD, which has raised a wealth of questions regarding her true identity. While theories that she could be the Doctor Strange ally Clea, some Master of the Mystic Art, the mysterious informant of SWORD, or even Mephisto herself definitely remain possibilities, another one has begun to present itself -- that Dottie could really be Arcanna, a member of Marvel's Squadron Supreme.

In the comics, the Squadron Supreme are a team of heroes from another alternate universe, each of whom serves as a pastiche of a different member of DC's Justice League of America. Arcanna, in particular, serves as the group's analogue for Zatanna Zatara, complete with various magical abilities and even a pair of fishnets. Created by J.M. DeMatteis and Don Perlin, Arcanna first made her debut in 1982's Defenders #112, and her backstory was further fleshed out in the decades that followed. Originally born with her powers, Arcanna became a professional crime-fighter, while her husband - an average man named Phillip Jones - served as a stay-at-home dad for their children. Her exploits as a vigilante ultimately got her recruited into the Squadron Supreme, and she stayed with the team for years, even finding ways to fight alongside them shortly after giving birth.

While weaving Arcanna into the tapestry of WandaVision might seem a little odd on the surface, a lot of clues are already in place that could support it. For one thing, Dottie's husband within the world of Westview -- a man identified by SWORD in the "real world" as Harold Proctor -- is known as Phil Jones. Yes, "Phil Jones" is admittedly a common name, but the fact that it's exactly the same as Arcanna's comic-accurate husband feels like a bizarre coincidence. Plus, Dottie really being Arcanna -- and therefore from whatever corner of the multiverse the MCU's Squadron Supreme calls home -- would add new context to two major WandaVision scenes that have already involved Dottie. The first is the reality-warping scene between Dottie and Wanda in the series' second episode, which sees the sitcom reality briefly break apart, and Dottie ask Wanda who she is. Given the fact that other Westview residents seem to recognize Wanda and Vision when reality breaks, as Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) confirmed to Vision in one of the series' trailers, it would be easy to wave away Dottie not recognizing Wanda if she's from another universe. Similarly, the fact that Dottie hasn't been identified by SWORD would make sense, if she technically is from another Earth and wouldn't show up in any of the main MCU Earth's public records.

In addition, Dottie being Arcanna would add yet another interesting wrinkle into the narrative tapestry of WandaVision. It would give Wanda a somewhat self-aware foil in a way that the comics didn't, as a lot of the Avengers/Squadron Supreme crossovers saw her paired up with Lady Lark, the team's pastiche of Black Canary. It would also help further flesh out the weirdness of Marvel's live-action multiverse, something that WandaVision has been confirmed to do to tie into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Plus, with fans spending years wanting to see the Squadron Supreme in the MCU -- and rumors suggesting that they could appear in Disney+'s Loki series later this year -- bringing Arcanna into WandaVision would be a clever and unusual way of teeing up the group.

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