Finn Balor Celebrates Star Wars Day with Throwback Darth Maul Cosplay Photo

May is a huge month for Star Wars fans as May the 4th often marks the special "Star Wars Day" fan holiday in which fans all over take time to talk about what they love most from the juggernaut franchise. This even includes major public figures with fandoms all of their own like NXT Superstar Finn Balor. Balor has always been open with fans on social media about his fandoms, and he surprised us once again with a fun shout out to Star Wars to commemorate the special day.

Balor took to Instagram to share a cool throwback photo that sees Balor decked out in a slick Darth Maul cosplay. With detailed face paint and a cape to top it all off, maybe this Star Wars villain is what eventually went on to inspire Balor's Demon persona that he used to transform into for big matches in the WWE. Check it out the photo below:

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Finn Balor might no longer be tapping into the Demon (which is something fans are definitely asking for more of after seeing this Darth Maul throwback), but he's no less fierce during his current NXT run. Balor has been on an upswing ever since he left the WWE Monday Night Raw roster and joined the NXT program in full. With an intense demeanor taking on all challengers, there's virtually no ceiling for Balor.

Before the impact of the novel coronavirus made traveling out of the country virtually impossible, Balor was slated to head over to the NXT UK division to take on Walter. This feud is apparently still in the works, but because of that hiccup is seems like Balor might be stalled at the moment. To be fair, that is the case for the entire WWE as they continue to adjust in various ways to working amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Regardless of whether or not Finn Balor's future in NXT involves the Demon persona, fans will still be there to watch every single one of his matches. He's been an exciting addition to the roster ever since he switched over, but it's going to be interesting to see where he's slotted because if you move him to the top too soon he's going to hit that ceiling much faster than anyone would really want.