Black Clover Gives Asta's Devil a New Form

Black Clover has been bringing Asta closer with the devil inside of his grimmoire with the latest few chapters of Yuki Tabata's Weekly Shonen Jump manga series, and the newest chapter surprised with the reveal of a new form for the devil moving forward. Asta had been forced to fight against his devil as a way to make himself stronger with the Devil-Binding Ritual, and upon the end of the fight Asta instead decided to form a contract in which the two of them would be working as equals in the fights to come.

Now that he's officially begun training alongside his devil together with Nacht, Asta will be learning how to use the full range of Liebe's power. There are still many mysteries to unlock as Asta learns how to work with his devil, but the first of many is the reveal of an adorable new form for Liebe that will be popping up in Asta's future battles.

Chapter 271 of the series immediately picks up after Asta and Liebe form an official contract as equals, and Nacht challenges the two of them to a fight. The real training of their power begins now, and Nacht swirls the both of them in a torrent of darkness. But when Asta carves his way out, he notices that Liebe has become a tiny version of himself.

Black Clover Asta Devil Liebe New Form Spoilers Manga 2
(Photo: Viz Media)

Upon giving Asta his anti-magic power, Liebe becomes a tiny devil riding on Asta's shoulder. Nacht reveals that this contract isn't a proper union like his, and thus Asta won't be able to use his full devil mode like Nacht does. Therefore Asta is now tasked with figuring out how to use the full range of Liebe's anti-magic devil abilities.


Because Liebe isn't Asta's servant, gaining their full union powers is going to be tough for Asta to figure it out as Nacht challenges the two of them to draw out more of their abilities. This tiny form for Liebe is the kind of form Nacht's own devil, Gimodelo, took on when he first debuted in the series so there's a chance Asta can have that level of power at his disposal as well.

Now that the two of them are working together as equals, Black Clover just might be getting ready to give Asta a major strength upgrade ahead of the rematch against the Dark Triad. But what do you think of Liebe's new form? Do you think Asta will be able to get stronger in time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!