Dragon Ball Super Cosplay Gives Goku Black Fierce Fem Spin

One fierce Dragon Ball Super cosplay has given Goku Black an awesome fem spin! Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball franchise has debuted a number of popular villains from over the decades of its run thus far, but things really took a different turn when Dragon Ball Super took things to a whole new level and introduced an "evil" version of Goku. This is something pop culture stories have played with dozens of times, and in Dragon Ball it presented a unique kind of opponent as Goku's evil counterpart, Goku Black, was not only as strong as the hero, but amplified through godly power.

Goku Black and Dragon Ball Super's Future Trunks arc made such a huge impression that the villain is still voted as one of the top characters of the series to this day (check out the recent popularity poll results for a great example of this). While we might never get to see the villain in the official series again, Goku Black lives on through some awesome cosplay from artists like @ohholyhell on Instagram who's given the fan favorite a fierce fem makeover. Check it out below:

Goku Black might not be wreaking havoc in the main series anymore, but the villain is still causing all sorts of trouble for the franchise in the second season of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime series. Introduced as one of the key villains as part of the New Space-Time War, a masked and far more powerful version of Goku Black has appeared and is still much too strong for Goku and Vegeta to handle. In fact, Goku Black has only gotten stronger and unlocked a Super Saiyan Rose 3 form during its events as well.

But that's how much of an impact the villain has had on the franchise despite really only being an evil version of Goku at its core. At the same time, Goku Black still remains one of the toughest opponents as Goku and Vegeta weren't able to completely defeat the god without some godly help of their own in either the anime or the manga. Maybe that'll be different with a rematch.


Where does Goku Black rank among your favorite villains in Dragon Ball Super? What about Dragon Ball overall? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!