Uncharted Star Mark Wahlberg Reveals Sully's Outfit

Uncharted star Mark Wahlberg just recently shared a first look at his version of Victor Sullivan, [...]

Uncharted star Mark Wahlberg just recently shared a first look at his version of Victor Sullivan, better known as "Sully," and already we've gotten another preview of the character. Wahlberg shared a photo this week on social media that showed a shirt that'll look very familiar to those who've played through the Uncharted games. Take that first look at Sully's signature outfit combined with the mustache that everyone was so worried about and we can start to imagine what the full look will be like when it's all put together.

The image below was shared by Wahlberg on his personal Twitter account this week. It showed the green shirt hanging behind a table that appears to have a cigar sitting in a tray which completes another important part of Sully's look.

Both in pattern and color, the shirt appears to be identical to the one we've seen in the in-game scenes where we see younger versions of Nathan Drake and Sully meeting for the first time. The connection makes sense seeing how this movie will portray younger versions of each of the characters. Tom Holland, the actor who's playing Nathan Drake, discussed this in the past and gave a preview of what to expect from the film and its versions of the iconic characters.

Unlike his co-star, Wahlberg has yet to share a full look at his version of Sully yet. Holland revealed to his fans what his take on Nathan Drake would look like not long ago by showing off his Uncharted outfit and style meant to mirror the adventure-laden aesthetic of the games. While some remained hesitant even after seeing the first look at the character, others were more reassured in the vision for this movie after first being uncertain about it given that it's portraying the younger versions of the characters.

Wahlberg's preview of his character did follow some good news for those looking forward to the movie though now that we know it has officially wrapped filming. The Uncharted movie's release date was pushed back more than once and changed directors several times during its production, but the filming has now finished ahead of its 2020 release date.

The Uncharted movie is scheduled to release in theaters on July 16, 2021.