She-Hulk Stars Tatiana Maslany and Jameela Jamil Dance in New BTS Video

We're now two-thirds of the way through She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, and the Disney+ series has already delivered a delightful viewing experience for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of the biggest joys of the series has been its all-star ensemble cast, who have embodied an array of heroes, villains, and everything in between. That has included the hilarious and action-packed rivalry between Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk (Tatiana Maslany) and Mary MacPherran / Titania (Jameela Jamil) — and a new behind-the-scenes video shows their more lighthearted rapport offscreen. The video, which you can check out below, shows Jamil and Maslany dancing in their costumes for the show — including Maslany wearing a practical wig of She-Hulk hair.

"Well, I mean, because of the nature of CGI, you are doing a lot of this stuff separate," Jamil told in a recent interview. "So I had to kind of build a lot of this character by myself, to be completely honest. But when I was able to go head to head with Tatiana — which was very fun because she's an exceptional actor, exceptional talent. So as someone who has been a fan of her work before, to watch her in IRL was really something so special. You feel very lucky when you get to watch those talented people up close.

"And I feel that way of all of our cast," Jamil continued. "Like Jon Bass is so funny. I feel like we haven't yet seen, in the series, enough of his talent. Josh Segarra, Renée, oh my god! Renée Elise Goldsberry, what a babe, what a talent. She's so charismatic. She eats me up in this episode this week, and I love her. Mark Ruffalo, Tim [Roth]. Just everyone in it is so good. And then you have the cherry on top that is Megan Thee Stallion. My cup over runneth, I have nothing left. I retire, you know what? I retire. What more can I get?"

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law follows Jennifer Walters as she navigates the complicated life of a single, 30-something attorney who also happens to be a green 6-foot-7-inch superpowered hulk. The nine-episode series welcomes a host of MCU vets, including Mark Ruffalo as Hulk, Tim Roth as Abomination, Charlie Cox as Daredevil, and Benedict Wong as Wong. The cast also includes Ginger Gonzaga as Nikki Ramos, Josh Segarra as Augustus "Pug" Pugliese, Jon Bass as Todd, and Renée Elise Goldsberry as Mallory Book. Executive producers are Kevin Feige, Louis D'Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Brad Winderbaum, Kat Coiro and Jessica Gao. Co-executive producers are Wendy Jacobson and Jennifer Booth.

New episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will debut Thursdays exclusively on Disney+. If you haven't checked out Disney+ yet and you want to give it a go, you can do that here.

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