How to Watch the Resident Evil Showcase and What to Expect

There’s a new Resident Evil event happening soon which is excellent news for anyone who’s been waiting for hear more about Resident Evil Village and other projects within the franchise. After being announced last week by Capcom, that event is scheduled to be underway on Thursday, April 15th with promises of gameplay and more. There’s been talk of a few surprises to be revealed during the event, but we at least know of some definite content we’ll see as well as some ideas of what might be there.

If you tuned into the last Resident Evil Village event, you’ll already be well-versed in how this one works. It’s all being done virtually with the event’s video rewatchable afterwards, so you won’t miss out on anything if you don’t get to catch everything right as it happens. If you are planning on watching the event, however, here’s what you need to know about tuning in and what you can look forward to seeing there.

How to Watch the Resident Evil Showcase

The event is scheduled to begin on April 15th at 3 p.m. If you want to watch along with everyone else right when the showcase begins, the easiest way to do so is through YouTube. We’ve embedded the video where the showcase will be hosted above, and once it concludes, it’ll convert to a video you can rewatch at your own pace.

Capcom didn’t say how long this one would be, but the last Resident Evil Village event was packed with information, so expect to be watching for a while before it’s all finished. The January showcase lasted for around 30 minutes of actual content to give an idea of how long this one might go for.

Resident Evil Village Gameplay and a Trailer

Brittney Brombacher from What's Good Games will return to host this Resident Evil Village event just as we saw from the January showcase, and according to the teaser, the game’s producer Tsuyoshi Kanda and director Morimasa Sato will be present to discuss the new Resident Evil game.

We saw some snippets of gameplay from the teaser with promises of more gameplay and another trailer at a minimum. Plenty of things pertaining to Resident Evil Village have been revealed and discussed since the last showcase including a hunting system and details about the game’s map, so perhaps we’ll see more on those and other features on Thursday. If nothing else, it feels like a pretty safe bet to assume we’ll see Lady Dimitrescu again given how popular she’s become.

Resident Evil Village Demo?

Resident Evil Village got a demo of sorts after the last showcase, though it wasn’t one that focused on combat or too many jump scares. It was more of a visual demo, but Capcom’s producer of Global Production Peter Fabiano promised at the time that we’d get another demo for the game sometime in Spring 2021 that’d be playable on platforms other than the PlayStation 5.

With the game’s release date now under a month away, we’re running out of time for that demo to be released. Leaks have already pointed to its existence, so it makes sense that we’d hear something about it during today’s events. The last demo was released on the same day as the January showcase shortly after it ended, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see the same thing happen this week.

Resident Evil Re:Verse News

Resident Evil Village wasn’t the only game featured during the previous showcase. Resident Evil Re:Verse, a new multiplayer experience releasing as part of the Resident Evil Village package, was revealed there as well.

Capcom’s multiplayer side projects have been hit or miss when it comes to Resident Evil games, but people at least got a chance to try this one ahead of time during a beta that wrapped up not long ago. With that trial concluded, it makes sense we’d see more news on the game today and perhaps another beta before it releases. It’s included in Resident Evil Village purchases without raising the cost any, so you at least have nothing to risk by trying it if you’re only in it for the mainline game anyway.

Other Resident Evil Projects


While Resident Evil Village will be the focus of the event just like it was in January, that doesn’t mean we won’t hear about other projects going on within the Resident Evil franchise. The last event, for example, included news of a Resident Evil crossover in The Division 2 as well as a new look at the animated Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness series.

It wouldn’t be too surprising then to imagine we’d see more things like this after Capcom is done talking about Resident Evil Village. The new live-action movie called Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City didn’t make an appearance at the last event, though considering how we’ve learned more about it including its official title and a synopsis in the past few months, perhaps we’ll see it featured this week as well.