Retro Toy Funko Pops: Barrel of Monkeys, Play-Doh, Polly Pocket and More


It's been quite some time since Funko launched a Retro Toy wave, but they made up for lost time with these new Pop figures. If you ask us, it's one of the best waves of the series with Pops inspired by Barrel of Monkeys, Lite Brite, Play-Doh, the Trouble board game, and Polly Pocket.

These are the kind of retro toys that really churn up some nostalgia. Indeed, it might be a good time to queue up some '80s and '90s Lite Brite and Polly Pocket commercials and get the jingles stuck in your head for days on end. Before you do that, you can get your pre-orders for the entire Retro Toys Funko Pop wave are live via the links below.


All of the details on the latest and greatest Funko Pop releases are available right here. Some recent headlines include:

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